Godzilla Movie Atomic Roar Action Figure

Godzilla, King of the Monsters! The new Godzilla movie has just been released and now we can take a look at the toys. First up is this large Godzilla action figure (can we call this an action figure?) and it’s pretty cool. In all honesty, this is not the greatest Godzilla toy I’ve ever seen. […]

My Latest Purchase: MP-17 Masterpiece Prowl!

I never had a lot of Transformers toys as a kid even though I was a huge fan of the original cartoon. I will always remember the first one that I did get though and that was the police car, Prowl! I don’t remember what happened to Prowl. I may have sold him or maybe […]

Iron Man 2 Inferno Mission Action Figure

My birthday was a couple of days ago and my son, who will be 4 years old in a couple of weeks wanted to get me an action figure as a present. So my wife took him to Target and let him pick one out all on his own.  He picked out an Iron Man […]

A Look At The Predators Action Figures 2010 Series

I’ve always liked the Predator characters and the recent wave of action figures based on the 2010 Predators movie look really cool. I was 15 years old when the original Predator was released and have fond memories of all the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies of the ’80s.  Now that I’m seriously collecting toys again I definitely […]