Iron Man 2 Inferno Mission Action Figure

My birthday was a couple of days ago and my son, who will be 4 years old in a couple of weeks wanted to get me an action figure as a present. So my wife took him to Target and let him pick one out all on his own.  He picked out an Iron Man action figure (the Inferno Mission Armor version) and was so proud of himself!

I'm not a huge Iron Man fan, but I just love the fact that he knows that I love action figures and it is so sweet that he wanted to get me one for my birthday! It nearly brought me to tears which I know is silly but it was very touching that he wanted to give me a gift that he really put some thought into.

I took the figure to work and have it on my desk, partly so he won't play with it (we don't let him play with toys that shoot yet) and partly because I wanted it at work as a reminder of him. You can see it in this picture as it sits on my desk. I just wanted to share this story because it is so special to me and I truly hope that as he grows older we can share a love of toys and especially action figures.

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