The Toy Chasers Episode 1

Toy Chasers Episode 1

I just found this great video of a YouTube show called "The Toy Chasers". It comes from some guys who do a show called The Game Chasers which is all about video game collecting and video game culture. They have videos dating back to 2 years ago, have … [Continue reading]

Site Relaunch


I'm very excited to announce that I'm finally going to bring this site back from the dead and produce a ton of new content all based on my love of toys! When I started this site back in 2011 it was part of my "make money online" portfolio of … [Continue reading]

Iron Man 2 Inferno Mission Action Figure


My birthday was a couple of days ago and my son, who will be 4 years old in a couple of weeks wanted to get me an action figure as a present. So my wife took him to Target and let him pick one out all on his own.  He picked out an Iron Man action … [Continue reading]

Spiderman Toys For Boys of All Ages


Spider-Man is arguably the most popular of the Marvel heroes. He's been the figurehead character for Marvel Comics for over 50 years and there have been many, many Spiderman toys made over that time period.  There have been so many different action … [Continue reading]

A Look At The Predators Action Figures 2010 Series


I've always liked the Predator characters and the recent wave of action figures based on the 2010 Predators movie look really cool. I was 15 years old when the original Predator was released and have fond memories of all the Arnold Schwarzenegger … [Continue reading]

Some Cool Doctor Who Toys

Doctor Who Timelord Spinning Tarids

I have been a fan of Doctor Who ever since I was a little kid and my local PBS station would play reruns of the Tom Baker episodes. The theme music always creeped me out and I was scared to death of Davros, the creator of the Daleks.  Back then there … [Continue reading]

The Little Tikes Country Kitchen Is A Hard To Find Item

little tikes country kitchen-blue

Little Tikes is one of the most recognizable brands in childrens toys. The company has been around since 1970 and has since grown into a large, multi-national corporation. Their headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Hudson, OH, … [Continue reading]