Spiderman Toys For Boys of All Ages

Spider-Man is arguably the most popular of the Marvel heroes. He's been the figurehead character for Marvel Comics for over 50 years and there have been many, many Spiderman toys made over that time period.  There have been so many different action figures that it's almost impossible to account for them all. One thing is for sure, there are good Spiderman toys for boys (or girls) of all ages.

For really young kids there is the Spiderman Jack in the Box. My son actually had one of these when he was a baby (given to us by a family friend) and he loved it. It plays the theme song from the old cartoon when you turn the crank and then Spider Man pops out. The artwork on the box itself is from Spidey's first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 and it really has a nostalgic feel to it. It was a great way to introduce him to the Spider-Man character and to ingrain that classic theme song into his head. The funny thing is that when he got just a little older he started to be afraid of it and didn't want anything to do with it!  But I will always cherish the times we spent playing with it and I will certainly always remember the sound of it playing the cartoon theme song.

For slightly older kids, something like this Spider-man 12" Electronic Wisecracking Spider-man would be a good choice. It's a large action figure so it's easier for little kids to manipulate the arms and legs and can even help with their fine motor skills. The webs that it comes with might be a choking hazard for really young kids so this one is recommended for ages 4 and up.  This figure has 10 phrases that play when you press on the spider logo on his chest. There are also battle sounds and you can launch the "web missiles" from his web shooters.

For kids who are seriously into Spider-Man and other superhero characters, 3 3/4" action figures are the standard. There are no shortage of Spider-Man figures and the one pictured here is just one of many that are available.  Spidey has had several different costumes over the years and each one has been represented in action figure form.  The early action figures only had a few points of articulation but today's toys can have 20 or more!

This is but a small introduction of all the spiderman toys for boys and girls. If you click on any of the pictures in this post you will be taken to Amazon.com and from there you can browse dozens (if not hundreds) of Spider-Man toys. Please note that if you purchase anything through my links I will earn a commission.


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