Pacific Rim “Crimson Typhoon” Action Figure

NECA released 3 figures in their first series of PACIFIC RIM action figures and I think this one is the coolest looking one of the bunch. Crimson Typhoon is the Jaeger from China and it’s design certainly does have some Chinese influence. One of the unique features of this figure is that it has three […]

Pacific Rim “Knifehead” Action Figure

Pacific Rim was an awesome movie and the build up for it in the months leading up to its release was fun to experience. We were only shown glimpses of the giant monsters (Kaiju). The kaiju that we got to see most of was this one called Knifehead. When I first opened my Knifehead figure […]

Series 1 PACIFIC RIM “Gipsy Danger” Action Figure

PACIFIC RIM was the movie that I was most looking forward to this Summer. I grew up in the late 70s/early 80s and giant robots fighting giant monsters is the stuff that my childhood was made of. I actually got to see the movie on Thursday night (the official opening was on Friday) and while […]